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Use Python Program to solve problems from Mechanical Engineering Fields
Python Programming basic to advance Course for Mechanical Engineers

Modules in the course specially Designed for Mechanical Engineers :

? Course Introduction and Content
? Install Python,Anaconda Install, Python Basic
? Loops in Python - For Loop,IF Loop ,While Loop
? Introduction to Numpy Library
? Matplotlib - Simple Plots
? Figures and Axes, Subplots in Matplotlib
? 2D Contour Plot, 3D Surface Plot , GridSpecs
? Analyzing Projectile Motion
? Generate Mohr Circle
? Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagram
? Python Program for Fatigue Calculation
? Failure Theory - Von Mises Stress Theory
? Kinematics of slider crank
? Solution to Ordinary Differential Equation Sci
? Vibration of SDOF Problem Using odeint, Frequency Response
? Calculating Natural Frequency of MDOF
? Plot the Frequency Response of MDOF
? Stream plot of Potential Flow
? Flow Over Cylinder Streamline
? Flow Over Cylinder Pressure Distribution
? Diesel Cycle Simulation, 1D Heat Equation
? Temperature Distribution in 2D Plate
? Numerical Methods - Newton Raphson Method
? Optimization Minima of the Function
? LPP Simplex Method , Interpolation using SciPy
? Pendulum Animation

Watch three sessions as demo for free

1. Introduction why we are using python in mechanical eng

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2. Pressure Distribution using Python

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3. Shear Force and Bending moment diagram calculation using Python

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????Recorded course 15+ hours of course content

????Designed by Experts having 10+ with industry experience to ensure that students are trained in the Skills expected in the industry 4.0.

????This course will provide the much-needed foundation on the basic plus advance of Python and how it can be used

????Python is used by a lot of industries like thermodynamics and CFD, Numerical Analysis and Data Science

????You can learn Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence using python programing

????Python is among the few tools in your resume that can instantly boost your Chances of getting employed in IT Industry as well as Top Mechanical industry

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